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"I met Theron Parker in the Artist salons in Seattle, where he performed to flabbergasted crowds 5-10 minute short pieces. His sincerity and focus immediately lock your attention in on what he has to communicate, pulling concepts from thin air and showing a complicated shape from multiple perspectives. He is one of the most amazing artists I can think of. I am truly happy to know he is keeping up on the work that he developed in those days when I first knew him. I trust that what started in the underground in seattle is now breaking ground in the worldwide lands."

Stefan Gruber

“Since Deaf Way 2, I have witnessed his works (performance & presentation), and I am impressed with his creativity and audience interaction.  I would love to see his old works once again just to enjoy the  humor and storytelling while I am also anxious to see the new works.  I am so pleased  with his commitment to this valuable arts.  He should be studied for his talents: impromptu performing & creativity.  Simply Theron is a delight to watch.”


Vincent Chauvet, Dept Head, ASL & Deaf Studies at Vancouver Community College (Canada)

AMAZING, FUNNY, RELEVANT...This show pointed out lots of the real challenges in daily married life …. better than expensive marriage counselling sessions!


John Warren, Deaf Canadian actor

“Just Theron show true colors that stand out colorfully on stage. Theron Parker, Master ASL Illusionist, bring together unlimited creative energies and original ideas filled with pure deaf tales, signed songs, and dramatic ingredients. He perform with cool and clever humor, splashed with superb personas. He is a fine looking good for any stage.”


Ed Chevy Hawaii Entertainer

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