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Uncut ASL Mission Statement  


It is the mission of the Uncut ASL to entertain and shock the audience through the use of American Sign Language as a way to celebrate those who live on the fringe of the Deaf culture who laugh at bawdy humor and telling others who doesn’t know sign language to kiss our ass.

The Uncut ASL believes that audience participation is essential to the success of the show but don’t worry, you won’t have to strip down naked to fully experience the Uncut ASL. The audience will be exposed to lewd, lascivious, and lecherous no-holds-barred (see outrageous) use of hands. Not for faint hearted or a closed-minded people! An entertaining power-point presentation shall be shown (not porn, sorry). The show is designed for the audience who use ASL but can include sign language students, inter- preters, anthropologists (I’m just throwing that in to see if they can gure us out), gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and straight communities, and dumb hearing men who wants to score Deaf women (I say dumb because they won’t succeed; Deaf women aren’t that stupid). So hurry up and go to the booking page! You’ll pee in your pants. Guaranteed! (maybe)

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